5 rules for dating a journalist


"More like 'reporters usually take cheap freelancing gigs to put Spaghetti Os on the table and have flexible drinking schedules,'" tweeted Poynter's Ren La Forme."You’ll be getting a great Scrabble partner."Scrabble isn't a partners game. In fact, "Hahahaahahahahahahahah," tweeted Vice's Harry Cheadle."Your date will always have interesting stories to tell."Journalists are used to telling stories people don't read. But if you really want to hear about the Mississippi Republican primary or the latest Medicaid enrollment numbers..."Reporters get invitations to swanky events."Yes, like press conferences."Your date will remember your birthday, the way you like your coffee, and that promise you made her last week.

Your words will matter."Your reporter significant other will still forget your birthday.

You won’t see us so much that you get sick of us, (we’re Journalism is probably one of the least monotonous professions out there, so you aren’t going to get bored with us. Not to mention, we get free press passes into a bunch of cool concerts, shows, etc. (Although we may be slightly disappointed the call was from you and not the source we’ve been trying to get in touch with the past week – sorry!

) So next time you find yourself striking up a conversation with a journalism cutie, don’t let their future salary be the first thing that comes to mind.

"You've got mutual friends, you see photos of them with your friends, and you think, 'Hey, this person might be nice, I could consider going on a date with him," says 23-year-old advertising account executive Komal Shah, who is going on a blind date next week.

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So, hook-up is the new dating and marriage is no longer the goal.Since one of the traits is "reporters have a great 'b.s.radar,'" it seems fitting that many reporters (journalists, bloggers, etc.) felt the need to point out how wrong this is."Has e Harmony ever met a reporter," asked Buzz Feed's Rosie Gray.Driven by social media Social media has drastically changed everything about dating.Social networking sites play many roles — connectors of mutual friends, precursors to blind dates, playgrounds for pre-date flirting and re-connectors of exes and long-lost lovers.Menachem Wrecker, a writer and blogger at The Houston Chronicle says he was able to produce several dozen success stories thanks to HARO and a similar service called Reporter Connection.

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