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You may then access the report with the new e-mail address.

In order to access a report, you must be listed as one of the users/contacts on that report.

Council activities include providing recommendations to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on policies and actions necessary to effectively deliver, oversee, and report on grants and cooperative agreements, as well as sharing with executive departments and agencies (agencies) best practices and innovative ideas for transforming the delivery of this assistance.

In addition, the Council will engage relevant stakeholders across Government on key issues to foster more efficient and effective Federal management by coordinating the development and implementation of standardized business processes, data standards, metrics, and information technology.

This Council replaces two Federal boards – the Grants Policy Council and the Grants Executive Board to create a more streamlined, flexible, and strategic structure.

Dispositions are submitted by criminal justice agencies and posted to the Identity History Summary to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Dispositions are submitted to the CJIS Division by: Note: If you have reached this page because you are seeking information on how to obtain your Identity History Summary or challenge the presence or absence of information on your summary, review the Challenge of an Identity History Summary to obtain information regarding your FBI Identity History Summary or contact us at 304-625-5590.

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