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It is no secret that books are a huge part of Carrie Hope Fletcher’s life.Anyone who has watched her (pre-house-move) videos will know that they often feature an overflowing bookcase, and she’s shared a number of her favourites – including The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and David Nicholls’ One Day – on Twitter and You Tube.

record label for mysterious issues of a similar nature. This is both good and bad — a LOT of time has passed since March, when all this started going down. — His best friend Charlie Mc Donnell quit on him and decided he couldn’t call Alex a friend anymore. This video is already so off the rails I would have tuned out a long time ago. — Finally we get down to the meat of what happened.“I’ve got an almost unhealthy obsession with books,” says Carrie.“And I’ve always been massively into writing – when I was younger I knew that if performing didn’t work out that I was going to be a journalist or work in editing.” It was because of this love for writing that Carrie never considered using a ghostwriter – “there was never any question; having a ghostwriter was never even thought about” – as some other You Tube books have.I’d still be making videos once or twice a week just chatting about fun stuff that’s happened to me.I’d still have this kind of nagging feeling that it wasn’t really doing much for me or for other people really.” Day has made it clear from early on in his online career that he is a “minimalist”, and that he doesn’t hold much value in material goods. So I think in a way I used everything that had happened as an excuse. ” Alex Day suffered a particularly big backlash from users on popular platform, Tumblr, following the accusations, something one of our followers attributes to what he sees as the website’s desire to be too liberal.Alex Day (nerimon) was a popular UK-based You Tuber, Charlie’s former roommate, and the highest-profile person (to date?

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