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Jake bumped into Olivia at a coffee shop near her place where they started a conversation about scones; they flirted!

He told Olivia what he does and where he works, but she held back.

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Jake worked at the Pentagon in the intelligence department for the Joint Chief's of Staff and was an operative working for the mysterious B-613 CIA sub-division.

Captain Ballard served in the Navy with Fitz Grant. He was following orders for Fitz by spying on Olivia.

Back at Jake's apartment he turns on his TV, which reveals that he has cameras all throughout Olivia's apartment.

Jake finally gets his first date with Olivia which she refers to as a "meeting"; they meet at a restaurant, but Jake takes her somewhere more romantic.

She stayed with Olivia after her divorce and while Olivia was campaigning during the Presidential election. She is an attorney, but works as an investigator for Olivia Pope & Associates (OPA). As David Rosen got closer and closer to exposing the truth about Defiance, Abby assisted in covering up the election rigging scandal by breaking into David's safe at home and stealing the voter machine memory card that would prove David's case.

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