Dating site for millionaires

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We do this because we firmly believe in supporting the older people in our community. Wise Owl Dating were asked by the BBC to assist in a programme on older people dating.

Where our CEO gave a interview about the over 50s dating and older people meeting each other online.

Tech Crunch reports that the popular dating app quietly operates Tinder Select for its VIP users, cutting out ordinary users so its most in-demand date hunters can swipe one another's profiles in peace.You will be joining around one million users from the UK.Our aim is to help people who are around their 50's and over to find new friendships, romance, soul mates and perhaps more.Now, I need to tell you what being a Millionaire For Jesus is about from a different angle. We have too many people standing around with their hands out and their minds focused on GETTING something for nothing ...and not enough people putting their minds and hands to work CREATING something of value that is a blessing and benefit to people.As a Silicon Valley firm, we have been in the online dating business for over 16 years!

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