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These are tricks that you can do with little to no setup and practice.

You do not have to be a master magician to be clever or impressive.

This was a tactic that Nicola Lathey (speech therapist extraordinaire and co-author of Small Talk) had told me a while ago but it was brilliant to see it playing out in a school environment today.If you leave any wriggle room your child can become confused, and you set yourself up for battles later.Don't feel uncomfortable about doing this, as part of a being a parent is creating boundaries.And if she feels good about herself, she's more likely to want to please her parents by behaving well. all while pulling one over on someone with cleverness and charm.With a love for cards, manipulating poker chip and poker, the campaign Idea Man created revolved around hip looking people at parties betting and playing with the crackers as if they were poker chips. " followed by stacks of yummy cookies going to the winner of the poker hand!

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