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He is survived by daughter Aksha, son Joshua (Marcia Conwell, mother to Aksha and Joshua), sister Mercy Josiah (Prakash), brothers Philip Chandrasekaran and Moses Gnanasekaran, nieces Reeba (Nirmal), Chalcy, Anita, Evangeline, Christy, Hannah, Pritha, all of their children and dear friend James Voyles.

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Supporting cast: Casey Mac Gregor Financially strapped couple Frank (Blackmer) and Mildred Partridge (Gregg), scheme to have Mildred "disappear" for seven years and declared legally dead in order to collect Frank's insurance pay-off. Kettle (Emhardt) suspects that Frank killed Mildred, and his constant hounding of Frank means that the couple cannot be in contact with each other.While Carl (Meeker) is at work, his wife Elsa (Miles) is apparently attacked and left traumatized.Later, driving in town, Elsa points out a man as her attacker, so an enraged Carl kills him.John Rajasekaran, 59, of Gainesville, Florida passed away on Wednesday May 3rd, 2017.He was born on July 15, 1957 in Aruvankadu in Tamil Nadu, India. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Madras, India as well as a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from the University of Florida.Even after college, he never let go of his title as Captain of the debate team – there was no argument he couldn’t win and he enjoyed sharing his sharp wit and sarcasm with family and close friends.

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