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Given its now-elevated profile, however, “Vaxxed” is bound to have at least a slightly longer shelf life, and may even benefit from being attacked by scientists, film critics and other “establishment” types.

Certainly, such attacks will not put off the film’s target audience of skeptical parents who, for reasons ranging from resentment of government mandates to deeply held religious beliefs, have long attempted to avoid having their children vaccinated for infectious diseases.

This is accomplished through registering and classifying convicted sex offenders by risk of reoffense and degree of danger and disseminating the identifying information of those offenders who live, work and/or attend institutions of higher learning in the communities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

These activities include charity work, where offenders make commissioned pieces of art, garden furniture, stained glass and model work.

An accredited course in industrial cleaning (British Industrial Cleaning Science BICS) is also available for offenders.

Information contained on this website regarding state statutes are not a substitute for a thorough reading of the law, and any legal questions should be directed to an attorney.

I am a qualified Counsellor and a member of the BACP. I offer a warm, down to earth, non-judgmental attitude and a professional approach to my work with you.

I have experience working with a wide range of issues that life can...

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