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A five-month old baby died after he contracted a respiratory virus in hospital from another child in the next bed, an inquest heard.Noe Tomsett was being treated for m ultiple birth defects at St George's Hospital, in south London, when he caught the deadly adenovirus infection in March last year.Spires Streetlink has been working with female and transgender sex workers in the Lambeth area since 1999, when it was recognised that those involved in street based sex work were often one of the most overlooked, marginalised and vulnerable groups in the community.Homelessness, abuse, poverty, violence and addictions to drugs and alcohol are all often at the root of why a woman sells sex for money.Exiting sex work is a notoriously difficult and lengthy process but our Streetlink staff and volunteers support each woman every step of the way, from our first contact on the streets, through to our centre services, to the other agencies that we work with, onto adult learning opportunities and our trainee programme.For more information on our Spires Streetlink project, please contact our Women’s Services Manager, Pamela Mhlophe on This email address is being protected from spambots. or phone 020 8696 0943 Our clients’ needs have led Spires Streetlink to develop a holistic, consistent outreach service.British commuters take note - the respectable person sitting next to you on the train fumbling with his or her cell phone may be a "toother" looking for sex with a stranger.

It is run by our all-female staff and volunteer team.

Of course this in turn means that each woman we meet has a whole range of complex health, social, psychological and emotional issues to tackle.

What makes Streetlink unique is that not only can women come to our women only space but via our outreach provision we can go out to meet the women where they are at - out on the streets, in their own territory, on their own terms and at times that coincide with their working hours so that trust in us and our service can be built.

Protesters were today planning a series of all night vigils in protest at Home Office plans to open a hostel for paedophiles in a neighbourhood which has more than 50 schools and nurseries.

More than 2,500 marchers, including angry parents and children took to the streets yesterday on a protest march and rally.

He said: "These people we're talking about are not just paedophiles but people who have committed rape and robberies where violence has been used."Mr Finn said Langley Trust, the voluntary agency chosen to run the hostel, had put the plans on hold "for the time being".

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