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The first reported incident happened sixty years ago to a library employee who trekked through the snowy cold for his nightly duty.

Since then, countless other employees and patrons have reported seeing this apparition, each giving an eerily similar description.

See full summary » An innocent young man witnesses violence breaks out after an isolated village is inflamed by the arrival of a circus and its peculiar attractions, a giant whale and a mysterious man named "The Prince".

Suffering from acute kidney failure, Uncle Boonmee has chosen to spend his final days surrounded by his loved ones in the countryside.

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You can see the ghost image superimposed over the nephew's arm when he places the glass of water on the table.

According to reports from visitors, some of the most frequent encounters with the legendary Lady in Grey have occurred in the children's reading room in the basement of Willard Library.

The library has been investigated by several organizations including MESA (multi-energy sensor array), TAPS, and other teams looking for ghosts.

See more » Acrophobia Written, Produced, and Vocals by Jettamon Malayota (as Jettamont Malayoda) Mixed Down and Mastered by Penguin Villa and Vannareut Pongprayoon at Smallroom Publishing Rights and Copyright: Smallroom Co., Ltd.

See more » In order to appreciates the film, you have to understand that this movie is not just a normal film where you can expects classical narrative and plot.

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