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During your visit you can see the Main Staircase, the coronation jewels in the Dome Hall, the Old Upper House Hall and the Lounge.

Because of the events of the Hungarian National Assembly or state protocol events, the route may be modified.

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The Old Hungarian script is an alphabetic writing system used for writing the Hungarian language.

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Buyer has the opportunity to change the date of the Parliament tickets on the website, but please keep in mind that the date can be only modified online and you have to do the ticket exhange process at least 3 hours before the tour, otherwise buyer cannot change the tickets.

Following the Battle of Mohács in 1526 and about 150 years of partial Ottoman occupation (1541–1699), Hungary came under Habsburg rule, and later formed the great power Austro–Hungarian Empire together with Austria.

Hungary's current borders were established in 1920 by the Treaty of Trianon after World War I, when the country lost 71% of its territory, 58% of its population, and 32% of ethnic Hungarians.

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You will be acquainted with the present operation rules of the Parliament.

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