Imran khan and goldie hawn dating

He only had eyes for Goldie." But while Goldie has been enjoying herself in Bombay, sources say Kurt is not taking the split well and has reportedly been arguing with Kelly Preston and Lynda Carter, his co-stars on new movie 'Sky High'.

An insider is quoted by website as saying: "Kurt seemed totally out of control and, instead of letting up when he saw Kelly's reaction, he just kept going until she finally burst into tears." youve got to be kidding me!

She is English and is of Anglo-Irish and French descent.

On 16th of May 1995, Jemima got married to Imran Khan.

In conservative Pakistan women are expected to be modest and demure – not words which could apply to the sultry divorcee, who has made headlines for all the wrong reasons, not least for publicly raking over the tawdry details of her first marriage to a doctor, the father of her three children.

This is not to mention the fact that just a few months into her marriage to Khan, 62, a cousin of Reham wrongly accused his ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith – the mother of his two children – of being behind a smear campaign against her.

At her palatial wisteria-covered, wrought-iron-gated and cherub-decorated home, Ormeley Lodge, in Richmond, Surrey, Miss Goldsmith, an English student at Bristol university, made a less portentous statement to a waiting throng of reporters.

Displaying her chunky half-inch-wide gold engagement ring featuring diamonds, sapphires and rubies, she smiled and said: "I'm very happy." Later her mother, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, smiled and said: "I'm thrilled." Then soon afterwards, a spokesman for Sir James came out of the house, unsmiling, to deny rumours that Jemima was pregnant. Suntanned with long blonde hair, and yesterday dressed in tight jeans and a low-cut white T-shirt, Jemima Goldsmith may be a beautiful bride, but she may not be the image of womanhood to further Mr Khan's hitherto burgeoning Pakistani political career.

Born as Jemima Marcelle Goldsmith in Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom to Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart and Sir James Goldsmith, Jemima was raised in higher class family.One close observer of the Pakistani political scene said: "Imran's chances of entering politics on any kind of conservative platform will be shattered by this.It is very difficult to reconcile with his condemnation of Western culture and his insistence that Pakistanis should take pride in Islamic culture.The blonde actress, who recently became a grandmother when her star daughter Kate Hudson gave birth to a son, has become close friends with recently-divorced cricket legend Imran Khan during a trip to India.Earlier this month, Buddhist Goldie accompanied Imran - whose ex-wife, Jemima Khan, is now romancing Hugh Grant - to the birthday party of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan in Bombay.After all, his marriage to former regional BBC weathergirl Reham Khan had been mired in controversy from the start, not least because of claims that the former cricketing hero’s family and friends could not bear his ambitious, Westernised bride.

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