Intimidating looking dogs

I haven’t just taken the statistics for which breed has been responsible for the most hospital admissions; this list based on the potential and temperament of various dog breeds.

There a three ingredients to a fatal dog attack; size and power of the dog, aggression and not to be overlooked a reason – usually lack of training and maltreatment…

” According to FBI data, the perpetrators of these crimes are usually male, under the age of 25, and looking for a quick way to make money.

They want houses that will be easy targets, with little hassle.

We know that pit bulls have been given a bad rap thanks to “owners” that use them in a way they should never be used, but what about the others?

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If they say, “it’s not the dogs, it’s the people,” then why such stereotypes?Be advised: this is not a breed for the novice dog owner.Filas need a strong, firm owner who can control them.But due to their intimidating looks, strength, and determination, we can see why some people may be quick to misunderstand them.And like the pit bull, the GSD is used by some to elicit fear in others. And sadly, these breeds have been called a lot worse. What is it that surrounds these dog breeds that makes people fear them so much?

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