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A title taken from the last stanza of a DWP's* famous work gives me pause - I don't know if my meager intellect can handle it.

Then we've got this bizarre assemblage of surreal parts to ponder. And what is this love affair that illustrators have with dead-eyed creepy kids?

Starr sticks to the instructions her father gave her about dealing with the police; do what they tell you, keep your hands visible, no sudden movements, don’t speak unless they ask you a question.

Khalil, unarmed, does not follow the police officer’s instructions and is shot and killed.

I did laundry and when I got home, I found that instead of losing a sock, I had gained a promotional t-shirt for some musical called "Lost In Hollywoodland." It has a cartoon drawing of a devil on it... I inspected it and read it very carefully, trying to remember if it was mine...

Half the battle in advertising is to get someone to pay attention to what you are saying, whether they believe you or remember your message is secondary to getting people to pay attention, and finding that shirt in my laundry had definitely gotten my attention.

I will be giving away some of my best ideas for inventions, businesses, stories, and marketing ploys. You should know that I consider laundromats to be part of the seventh level of hell, hot, poorly lit, depressing, full of crazy people, hot, bad soft rock, and for some reason, dirty.

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The movie was huge, but what if they had been able to plant that buzz out there in people's wardrobes long before it's release? This might be a perfect arena to implement hidden agenda hypercolor shirts. Personally, I would pick several of the films nominated to win over . is no longer being judged on its own merits or quality. To put this much emphasis on what the AMPAS has to say is a grave error.The Hate U Give” is a timely Young Adult novel about a young woman forced through violence to choose her own path.Starr Carter is a sixteen-year-old girl split between two separate lives; her suburban prep school life, and her dangerous gang-influenced home life in Garden Heights.When she’s at school, she’s usually with her basketball friends or her Fresh Prince loving boyfriend.

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