Laws on dating a minor in nebraska


This 300 page monograph includes for each state a general overview of how the state’s laws address minor consent and a specific summary, with citations, of each relevant law.

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It contains detailed, reliable, up-to-date legal information related to health care access for young people who are emancipated, homeless, married, or parents as well as laws related to contraception, pregnancy, STDs, HIV, drug and alcohol use, and outpatient mental health services.

No final judgment of dissolution of marriage may be entered until at least 20 days have elapsed from the date of filing the original petition for dissolution of marriage; but the court, on a showing that injustice would result from this delay, may enter a final judgment of dissolution of marriage at an earlier date.

[Based on Florida Statutes 61.021, 61.043, and 61.19]LEGAL GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE: A dissolution of marriage in Florida may be granted based on the following grounds: SEPARATION: Florida does not directly address legal separation, but does have provisions concerning spousal and child support, custody, and visitation.

RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS AND WHERE TO FILE: To obtain a dissolution of marriage in Florida, one of the parties to the marriage must reside 6 months in the state before the filing of the petition.

A proceeding for dissolution of marriage shall be commenced by filing in the circuit court where either party resides.

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