Mandating vaccine is good


The hepatitis B vaccine has been linked to immunological and neurological disorders.This webpage includes congressional testimony linking this vaccine to damage and death, plus a few personal stories confirming these possibilities.Indeed, this assertion is taken at face value even though history and data show that better nutrition, sanitation and improved hygiene are as much contributing factors to the eradication of these diseases as mass vaccination is purported to be.

With evidence of harm and the attendant realization that the right to informed consent is being denied, a growing number of concerned individuals are demanding that questions about vaccine safety and forced compliance be addressed. They claim that vaccines are safe, vaccinations prevent disease, save lives, and everyone must have them. State vaccine laws are generally written for children going to daycare or school. And the state laws I read said nothing about how to go about exempting or where to send such an affidavit. Response: Vaccines are NOT required for infants and young children.The following comments are intended to be a heads up to parents and potential parents about the risks of the Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV), and a firsthand report questioning the scientific legitimacy of the vaccine industry, which provides 0 million of annual revenue to Merck -- the company which makes the Hepatitis B vaccine distributed in the US.Lyla Rose Belkin was a lively, alert five-week-old baby when I last held her in my arms. However, if they are 1 year rabies vaccines, they must be legally given annually!

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