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This List thanks to metals are very soft when in their pure form.

Other elements are added to them to create alloys which have improved mechanical properties, making them useful for everyday items such as jewellery and silverware.

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The Platinum Rule means you should never date someone you will see on a regular basis, Barney explains that such relationships never work out in the end and lead to never-ending suffering as those involved would constantly see each other. The Hot/Crazy Scale, the Lemon Law, the Platinum Rule.

Barney explains the eight stages which this relationship inevitably goes through and applies his theory on three previous failed relationships: his dating of Wendy the Waitress in 2005, Marshall and Lily befriending their neighbors in 2006, and Robin dating co-anchor Curt Irons in 2007. If everyone in the world followed every one of your rules, the human race would cease to exist.

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Usually it is impossible to tell how much of the pure metal is in the alloy by visual appearance, weight or touch.

Hallmarks are marks applied to precious metals to indicate the amount of pure metal in the alloy.

Platinum hallmarking was introduced in the UK in 1975 as a result of legislation brought about by the Hallmarking Act of 1973.

Prior to this date, items containing platinum would often carry no markings or simply ‘Plat’ or ‘Platinum’ and would be of varying purity.

The hallmark has become widely used to add value to items and offers a wide range of marketing possibilities.

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