Ptp definitions not updating avira antivirus updating

Separate consolidations occurred for the two practitioner PTP edit files and the two PTP edit files used for OCE.

This change occurred for PTP edits in NCCI version 18.1 scheduled for April 1, 2012.

Having programs open during installation can cause problems so ensure that all PTP programs are closed on all workstations before you start.

If you do not have the necessary access rights you will need to seek assistance from your own IT support.

I have provided links to the Microsoft KB’s for you.

I will give you a high level reason why at this client they where getting these errors.

The default installation will install PTP Tax, PTP Partnership, PTP Trust Return and PTP CT Platform for the current years.

The default installation will install a demonstration copy of the current year programs you have not purchased.

This can happen if files in the installed product become corrupted.

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