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Beginning in 1862 the first revenue stamps were issued, and would continue to be used for another hundred years and more.

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In 1982, the Federal Tax Seal Strip was again modified when the word "DISTILLED" replaced "TAX PAID" on the bottom left, & the Word "SPIRITS" replaced "DISTILLED SPIRITS" on the bottom right side of the Seal Strip. 1938 tax stamps were 3/4 x 1" 1‘ Orange with Yellow state. 1940 was 3/4" x 1", 1-1/2‘ White decal with Blue printing, an Orange state outline, a Blue state seal on upper right corner, and a wavy line border. In 1968 stamps were 1" x 3/4" Yellow decal tax stamps in the shape of the state with Black printing.The Revenue Society has defined revenue stamps as " ...stamps, whether impressed, adhesive or otherwise, issued by or on behalf of International, National or Local Governments, their Licensees or Agents, and indicate that a tax, duty or fee has been paid or prepaid or that permission has been granted." Their use became widespread in the 19th century, partly inspired by the success of the postage stamp, and partly motivated by the desire to streamline government operations, the presence of a revenue stamp being an indication that the item in question had already paid the necessary fees.Revenue stamps have become less commonly seen in the 21st century, with the rise of computerization and the ability to use numbers to track payments accurately.The first revenue stamps in the United States were used briefly during colonial times, among the most notable usage involved the Stamp Act.Long after independence, the first revenue stamps printed by the United States government were issued in the midst of the American Civil War, prompted by the urgent need to raise revenue to pay for the great costs it incurred.In many countries, they are as detailed in their design as much as banknotes; they are often made from the same type of paper.

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