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HESPERIA — Industry leaders said the arrival of the Disney film “Moana” has been well received, with the release of the movie ranking up there with the studio’s blockbuster “Frozen.”Many in the High Desert Samoan community told the Daily Press they appreciate how the Disney animated movie paid tribute to the Polynesian culture and enjoyed how the film’s characters, music and animation created a powerful storyline.“Disney finally got around to doing a movie about our culture,” said Kaila Pele, a 13-year-old student who attends Ranchero Middle School in Hesperia.“My family was shocked and pretty surprised when we saw the trailer for 'Moana.' We all loved the movie.”Kaila’s sister Kadyn, 11, said her family felt a strong connection to the “Pacific Islander” themed movie about Moana — an adventurous teenager who set sails on a daring mission to save her people.“The movie did a great job in showcasing how Polynesians cook, and how music and dance is part of our way of life,” Kadyn Pele said.

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I had mine shipped to me from the States, as did most of my female friends.The regional clinics do not generally offer OB-GYN, but services change often, so it is worth checking if you are close to a clinic.Dating Locals April says: It is common for adults to live with their parents and grandparents. Most Samoans are very dedicated to their families, so be ready to meet extended family members early on!The country’s international image is that of a tropical paradise inhabited by tourist-friendly flower-wreathed peoples.Yet this belies the economic, social, and political challenges of this diverse and evolving Pacific microstate. Nationals are required to provide a current American Samoa Government (ASG) Immigration Board Authorization and valid ASG identification. Supporting documents must be submitted along with the application.

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