Stop adobe reader from updating

I've considered providing a "Download PDF" link (that sets the ), but my company does not like that solution at all, because we really want these PDF files to display in the browser.I'm really hoping for a solution that is seamless to the end-user, because I can't rely on them to know how to change their Adobe Reader settings, or to automatically install updates.These troubleshooting steps get progressively more difficult and time consuming, so we strongly recommend attempting them in ascending order to avoid unnecessary time and effort.Manually editing the Windows registry to remove invalid Error 507 keys is not recommended unless you are PC service professional.Here's the dreaded Gray Screen: Edit: screenshot was deleted from file server! The image was a browser window, with the regular toolbar, but a solid gray background, no UI whatsoever.Background info: Although I don't think the following information is related to my issue, I'll include it for reference: This is an ASP. The link to the PDF file has Use an http sniffer to see if you serve the correct mime types - you may set them correctly and then your server mess it up.

Adobe Sign may be sponsoring a partner event near you, and if so, we’d love to see you.Adobe Acrobat and Reader work great on Windows 10, especially when you optimize their interaction.This can be done in two simple steps after installing Acrobat or Reader.How do I verify that I have the latest version of Flash Player?If you receive a message that tells you that Flash Player is out of date or a new version of Flash Player is available, you can verify this by visiting the Flash Player Help page with your browser.Using the Adobe Cust Wiz, you can control a lot of the settings, obviously you will have to experiment with the settings, document them get them approved etc., before you actually release your package. If you launch the application and quickly go to preferences, the Usage Information option at the bottom will not be visible.

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