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A firearm is a critical defensive tool to have in your survival kit, but there are a wide variety of non-firearm alternatives available on the market.While a gun might be your first and best defensive option, it has some drawbacks, too.One of the biggest is noise – guns are loud, and even suppressed firearms are fairly noisy.Shooting an unsuppressed firearm can cause severe hearing damage, give away your location to an imminent threat, or scare away wild game that you are trying to hunt.Our vibrators for beginners were chosen based on feedback from customers and staff who recommend them because they are affordable, discreet, and functional.If you need more help deciding which toy is right for you, answer a few questions in our helpful Choose a Vibrator guide.), known locally as "Arugam Kudah", is a bay situated on the Indian Ocean in the dry zone of Sri Lanka's southeast coast, and a historic settlement of the ancient Batticaloa Territory (Mattakallappu Desam).

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Arugam Kudah's literal Tamil translation is "Bay of Cynodon dactylon".

Tourism in Arugam Bay is dominated by surf tourism, thanks to several quality breaks in the area, however tourists are also attracted by the local beaches, lagoons, historic temples and the nearby Kumana National Park.

Many of the buildings were destroyed in the 2004 tsunami.

The Government's Ministry of Defense CCD (Coastal Conservation Department) created what is now described as Arugam's second "Tsunami" at the end September 2011 when all beach side structures were demolished by bulldozers.

The actual way to be safe is what we discussed above: PRACTICE.

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