Updating policies and procedures

Accreditation provides the incentive an agency needs to continually review existing policies and procedures while providing updated guidelines, that are recognized by experts as the current standard.

Another example of how accreditation works was depicted in the November 1996 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine in an article entitled, "America's Best Suburban Police Forces." The Garden Grove Police Department is proud to have been recognized as one of the eight top suburban police agencies in the United States.

Clearly, one of the most significant and immediately identified benefits of being an accredited agency was the complete review and rewriting of our General Orders manual.

Policies and procedures were updated to meet the standards established by CALEA.

Detailing the for delivering great service to customers is what contributes to a great service environment.

Procedures should be used as a tool to measure an employee’s performance by determining if the process was followed appropriately.

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The global economic collapse and the ensuing recovery have made it necessary for companies to morph into new structures.As employees are hired, it is important that they understand the correct work process to ensure that the service or product maintains high quality.Policies and procedures provide a guide for meeting organizational objectives and describe the steps that employees are to take when creating a product or delivering a service.It is also helpful to explain the design and purpose of the controls related to the procedures in order to increase the employees and understanding and support of the controls.It is not sufficient to document your accounting policies and procedures once as changes in your organization or changes in accounting requirements may require changes in your policies and procedures.In speaking with accreditation managers from other agencies, especially those preparing for their first accreditation, this is always mentioned as one of the most significant benefits.

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