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Here's mine: I never ran Vista's WEI, so I'm also wondering how W7 RC1 WEIs compare to their Vista counterparts on the same machine.

1 Memory 5 Gigs Graphics Card Asus Nvidia 9500 Gt Sound Card Creative X-Fi Extreme Audio Monitor(s) Displays 18 Inch LCD Screen Resolution 1366x768 ok i decided to rerun sfc again and this time it actually did a repair during bootup. I have followed the procedure in here SFC / SCANNOW Command - System File Checker with the sfc scannow command. Hi all, Tried searching the forums but could not seem to find anyone with the same kind of problem I've ran in to.The backbone for the Windows Experience Index scores comes from the same new technology built into Windows Vista that enables it to scale, called Windows System Assessment Tools (Win SAT).These tools run tests that discover and assess the performance characteristics and capabilities of a PC.To make all of this a little easier, Microsoft introduced the Windows Experience Index with Windows Vista.The index was designed as a benchmark tool that scores your estimated Windows experience based on your system hardware.Windows Vista is a scalable operating system that turns features on/off based on the performance ability of the hardware to perform scenarios well.

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