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There is no shortage of 3rd party solutions, but at Send Safely we are always hesitant to add unnecessary external dependencies to our code base due to the vulnerabilities they could introduce into our platform.

This hesitation is especially high when it comes to anything authentication related.

Note: Special thanks to my coworker, Evan, for calling the 3rd type of error “Turkeys.” Also, thanks to Chip and Dan Heath for the “Sinatra Test” idea.

Xtext is a framework for development of programming languages and domain-specific languages.

At a high-level, the sign-on transaction looks something like the following diagram: As you can see, while the exchange is not overly complex, there are several steps with XML based messages handled by the identity provider and service provider.

One thing we noticed off the bat when planning to implement the service provider end of the workflow was that publicly available documentation for building a custom implementation is scarce.

Over the past 6 years or so, I’ve failed each item on “The Turkey Test.” It’s very simple: will your code work properly on a person’s machine in or around the country of Turkey? “The Turkey Test” poses a very simple question, but yet is full of surprises for guys like me who didn’t realize all the little details.

Turkey, as we saw above, is sort of like “New York, New York” in the classic Frank Sinatra song: Having successfully passed the above requirements, your software will finally be able to wear “Passed ‘The Turkey Test’” logo with pride.

It looks like there was a bad version of the Android SDK tools that got pushed out that was missing the ABIs for the Google API 23 emulator.

Xtext can build full-featured text editors for both general-purpose and domain-specific languages.

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In 2003 I was co-founder of the Belgian classifieds website Kapaza.be, which was incorporated in 2008 by the Norwegian publishing group Schibsted Classified Media.

With my background as a software programmer, I'm a strong believer in "automation of services" and continuously in search of the Holy Grail in automation.

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