When do clark and lana start dating


Therefore, when Lana was asked by Principal Kwan to take over as editor, Chloe reacted angrily at Lana.

Lana assured her that she wasn't trying to take Clark away from her, as they were just friends.

Clark was afraid of Lana's reaction to his secret, as he felt guilty that Lana's parents had died in the 1989 meteor shower.

He faced his worst nightmare when Luthor Corp accidentally released a dangerous toxin into the air, causing Clark to hallucinate that Lana had discovered his secret and wanted vengeance for her parents' death, killing him with a piece of kryptonite.

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That she saw that her love for Clark would never diminish, even if they could not be in the same vicinity. the best she could for humanity, that would counter some of the very reasons she loved Clark in the first place.” “I think her story is done,” she reiterated.

“I am not sure how her coming back changes Clark’s story any longer.

I could have sworn Clark gave in back in season 5 but clearly I’m wrong), causing mini-earthquakes all around Smallville.

Chloe rushes over to the Kent farm to make sure Clark’s OK and finds out the real cause of the shaking.

We know what happens when you’re holding the magic green rock, you’re with Clark and lighting hits you … When a windmill is about to fall onto of Clark, Lana moves in and pushes it up and out of the way.

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