Who is erica mongeon dating

About a year and a half after the season finale, Vikki announced via My Space (tbt) that her and Trevor had broken up.

Since the break-up nearly seven years ago, the twins have left their blonde hair behind and now serve college students Coronas and shots of tequila at the newly popular USC bar, Banditos.

8 November 2005Special about Tyra's celebrity "Drag Force", a team of drag queens who give makeovers to women and men.

With a plus appearance of the world-famous transsexual, Amanda Lepore, discussing her life and career.

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Background: Born in Pennsylvania, Rikki is the older twin, followed two minutes later by her identical twin sister Vikki.

Tyra Banks surprised everyone in her audience by telling them that the show was actually a casting call.

Tyra brings Michelle Mock, the casting director on stage and lets Michelle hand-select three finalists who will be receiving golden tickets to the New York auditions.

She invites special guests to talk about how to audition for ANTM.

Tyra announces that for the first time in history, "America's Next Top Model" will be opened to girls who are 5'7 and under.

And yesterday she was spotted signing copies of her new book.

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