Who is luann de lesseps ex husband dating


Medley wants the chance to defend herself but all the other women are shifting nervously in their chair and Frankel is saying, “next question please! De Lesseps says it’s because they’re afraid of Frankel but she isn’t.

” She is also ignoring the Countess who is baiting her at every turn. “The real hypocrite in this room is Bethenny,” she announces. She was going out with him for a while while he was still married and I know this has been going on for a long time.

There’s only so long Frankel will remain on the defensive before she goes on the attack and she went “Full B” on this episode.

Everybody knows.” So Frankel does what she does best and goes on the attack. “I don’t know the exact definition of slut shaming but if it’s calling out the fact that Lu Ann writes books on etiquette and behaves like a complete whore when she’s out then I am guilty.” PHOTOS: Health Issues, Drinking Problems & More—Are The ‘RHONY’ Women OK?

“I’m the OG–the original gangster of the show,” said Ramona, who arrived ten minutes early for our noon lunch looking very ladylike in a wine-colored dress by Hobbs glammed up with a Buccellati cuff bracelet and matching earrings. ” she said as she flagged down Michael’s GM Steve Millington and ordered some tea.

Lest you think Bethenny Frankel is the only one of the RHONYC sorority sisters to spin her reality-show-spawned fame (or is it infamy? Ramona is a hustler (and I mean that in the very best sense of the word) who earned her stripes on Seventh Avenue after attending The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Her book called Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair was a huge hit in the market.She is also a very talented singer and there is no doubt about it.Her most amazing work has come in a very popular TV series called The Real Housewives of New York City and this work of hers took her fame to new heights.These days she’s a sales consultant for Rodan Fields and their anti-aging skincare line.“I have always believed in making my own money,” she said. I’m in a good place.”Ramona told me she originally signed on to do the show to gain exposure for Mario’s fledgling online retail business selling True Faith jewelry. He did the wrong thing, and he totally recognizes that.

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